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Today, the need for humanitarian aid is the largest since the Second world war. Worldwide more than 125 million people whose lives have been destroyed by conflict and natural disasters, are in need of urgent assistance and protection.

BMW expects at least 20% growth for sales in China. In the first two months of this year sales in annual terms has already went up 44%.
The number of employees in the largest European banks, with earnings exceeding one million euros, following last year results fell 36%.
Infineon raises its revenue forecast   25.03.2017 14:17:27
German chip maker Infineon has raised its forecasts for the current year, amid growing demand from automakers. According to the company, revenue growth for the year will be from 8% to 11%, while operating margin will be at the level of 17%.
The largest Bank of Europe HSBC has announced plans to expand in China. For these purposes, the Bank plans to create at least 1,000 new jobs at its unit in China, in addition to the currently available staff in the quantity of 2 400 workers.
Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted yesterday that from April this year, his company will start accepting orders for solar panels for roofs. These technologies were first demonstrated in October last year.
The World Health Organization, having analyzed the level of air pollution, prepared a report on the ecological state of the world's cities. The list includes both the cleanest capitals and the most toxic ones.
Extreme temperature fluctuations have led to the reduction of ice in the Arctic ocean. According to scientists, this winter, its area shrunk to a record low over the past four decades.
ZTE reports net loss worth $760mn   24.03.2017 14:25:30
Chinese telecom equipment maker ZTE Corp reported a net loss of $760mn. for the fourth quarter. The main reason for the negative reporting was a fine worth $892mn. in judicial disputes with the U.S, about which we announced earlier this month.
Royal Bank of Scotland announced plans to close 180 offices in the UK and Ireland, as well as to cut some thousands of jobs. The Bank said in a statement the changes were due to a "dramatic shift" in retail banking with more customers increasingly banking online.
Chinese automaker Chery Automobile has filed a lawsuit against the Bavarian Mercedes-Benz, about the fact that it improperly used the logo of "eQ" for its electric cars series. Chery said it violates intellectual property rights.

BMW expects 20% sales growth in China

Tesla to accept orders for solar panels in April

HSBC to create 1,000 new jobs in China

Infineon raises its revenue forecast

Number of millionaires at Europe's banks dips 36%

Trade between Uzbekistan and China totals $ 4.2 billion in 2016

Saudi Arabian ambassador ends mission in Uzbekistan



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