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Today, the need for humanitarian aid is the largest since the Second world war. Worldwide more than 125 million people whose lives have been destroyed by conflict and natural disasters, are in need of urgent assistance and protection.

China on Saturday held the first successful ground tests of the largest in the world of amphibious aircraft AG600. In particular, the specialists tested the braking system of the aircraft, the path correction and the ability to keep straight. The aircraft made a 180-degree turn.
Military aircraft that took off today at 6:38 am from Cuban airport Playa Baracoa in the town of Bauta, crashed into a mountainside in the municipality of Candelaria, province Artemisa. All eight people on board were killed.
Tornadoes kill 5 in Dallas   30.04.2017 13:21:24
Tornadoes killed five people in Dallas, Texas. According to the National weather service, a total of three tornadoes were registered, with the number of hospitalized reaching over 50 people.
Landslide kills 24 in Kyrgyzstan   30.04.2017 13:10:09
At least 24 people were killed on Saturday in Kyrgyzstan, following a landslide that hit the village Ayu in the Osh region.
Four policemen were killed in the terrorist attack in Baghdad. A car loaded with explosives exploded near a police station.
California scientists published their research, which casts doubt on previous guesses about the origin of life on the territory of modern America.
The European Central Bank will keep its interest rate and monetary policy unchanged. This was announced by President Mario Draghi, during a press conference at the headquarters in Frankfurt.
The British economy in the first three months of this year showed a weak growth amid high inflation, and above all, against the background of the country's withdrawal from the EU.
Italian Institute of technology announced the development of a new robot, which will be indispensable around the house. Its price will be at the level of a small cheap car.
Just a week has passed since the last 6.9 magnitude earthquake shook Chile, but the centre of seismology of the country once again is sounding the alarm: even more devastating quake can hit at any minute. In this regard. All people are advised to stay ready for any scenario.

Expanded Meeting of the Board of the Central Bank of Uzbekistan was held

Yunusabad branch of People's Bank allocates 20 billion soums of credit funds

"Children of Independence" Youth Festival kicks off in Tashkent

Uzbekistan announces best banks in terms of deposits

National Library holds Open Doors week

Action strategy and consolidation of society

Khidir Karimov appointed Navoi's prosecutor



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