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Contenders, who successfully passed examinations for studying in the Lomonosov Moscow State University's branch in Tashkent are much more, than places, the executive director of the branch Rahmatullo Aloyev has reported in connection with the end of admission examinations and the beginning of registration of contracts with the future students.
Uzbekistan open to Europe - report   28.07.2006 18:14:15
"Uzbekistan - discovery without illusions", a deputy of the European parliament, John Attard-Montalto, who has visited our country has named his article like so published in the weekly newspaper "New Europe".
The World Bank traditionally prepares intellectual development rating of world countries ("KAM Knowledge Index") and the rating of the use of scientific achievements in the real economy of separate states ("Knowledge Economy Index").
Targeted efforts to reduce corruption in former socialist countries are showing positive results, but sustained reforms are needed to prevent back-sliding, according to a new World Bank report.Anticorruption in Transition 3-Who is Succeeding … And Why? (ACT3) takes a detailed look at firm-level survey data and concludes that the region's progress in reducing corruption is unmistakable. However, the prevalence of corruption in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union remains higher than in many countries of Western Europe, and large firms saw a greater reduction in bribery than the small firms that often spur growth and create jobs.
In the fight against the heroin trade from Afghanistan, which produces almost all the world's supply, the United Nations drug agency is joining an international effort to train Afghan and Central Asian enforcement officers, as around one fifth of the total output of the illicit narcotic is smuggled through these neighbouring five republics to Russia and elsewhere in Europe.


Uzbekistan to host the third European Film Festival

CEC terminates powers of Senator Turgunov Aybek

CB: New banknote won't have impact on inflation

"Uzstandard" Agency took part in the session of the Interstate Council for Standardization, Metrology and Certification

The delegation of the foreign Ministry of Uzbekistan held a meeting with OSCE Secretary General

The youth football team of Uzbekistan outplays Poland



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