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The World Bank will provide US$26.9 million to Kyrgyz Republic, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan to assist in fighting HIV.
"Vivid confirmation of adherence of democratic values", "constructive and positive approach to democratization issues", "strategic step towards the path of resolving many topical issues" – the world media, analysts and specialists comment the draft laws so, which were introduced by President Islam Karimov to the Legislative Chamber [lower house] of Oliy Majlis [Uzbek parliament] of the republic in the order of legislation initiative.
Taiwan should pay more attention to Central Asia, a region with great business potential and a massive political impact, academics said in a two-day international forum yesterday.
On 16 November, the third committee of the UN General Assembly adopted the draft resolution, entitled "Encouragement of equal and mutually respectful dialogue on human rights", presented by the delegations of 15 countries, including Uzbekistan. The list of the co-authors of this document includes also Russia and China, the constants members of the UN Security Council.
With drug use and non-sterile injection equipment still at large, the number of people living with HIV climbed to 1.7 million in eastern Europe and Central Asia in 2006, a twenty-fold increase in less than a decade, the latest UNAIDS epidemic survey said Tuesday.


Uzbekistan's delegation to participate in International forum in Bishkek

Medium-sized enterprises set to appear in Uzbekistan

Programme "Startup-initiative" to help 40 teams to go from idea to business

Delegation of Prosecutor General of Uzbekistan visits Kazakhstan

Garbage disposal tariffs set to rise from 1 September

Abdulaziz Kamilov meets with his Indian counterpart

Ulugbek Rozukulov released from post of Deputy Prime Minister



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