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The OSCE under this year's Spanish Chairmanship has already made progress in several areas, such as raising the profile of the Organization and encouraging greater dialogue across all areas of security.
Incorporating gender perspectives into security in the Tajik context was the focus of an OSCE-organized workshop that ended in Dushanbe on 5 September.
Afghan bridge exposes huge divide   05.09.2007 11:42:32
On 5 September, Asia Times Online published an article by Bhadrakumar, a diplomat with more than 29 years experience in the Indian Foreign Service, in which the author speaks about the recent developments within the frame of the US' "Great Central Asia" strategy and the balance of powers in the region.
Minister for Religious Affairs Muhammad Ejazul Haq on Tuesday, 4 September, said Pakistan and Uzbekistan enjoy cordial brotherly relations which are further improving with each passing day, APP reported.
Even as Kazakhstan maintains close economic and political ties with Russia, Astana is moving ahead with plans to replace Cyrillic script with the Latin alphabet. A feasibility study prepared over the summer proposes that the alphabet change be phased in over a 12-to-15-year period.


Uzbekistan's delegation to participate in International forum in Bishkek

Medium-sized enterprises set to appear in Uzbekistan

Programme "Startup-initiative" to help 40 teams to go from idea to business

Delegation of Prosecutor General of Uzbekistan visits Kazakhstan

Garbage disposal tariffs set to rise from 1 September

Abdulaziz Kamilov meets with his Indian counterpart

Ulugbek Rozukulov released from post of Deputy Prime Minister



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