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Festive gathering dedicated to Navruz holiday was held in Tashkent on 29 March. The Uzbek-Germany Friendship Society along with Council of society of friendship, culture and enlightenment ties of Uzbekistan with foreign countries organized the event.
The public of Uzbekistan resolutely condemns the fact of making the documentary film "Fitna" by the Dutch politician Geert Wilders which insults the religious feelings of Muslims.
Developing Asian countries may fail to reap the "demographic dividend" if they do not invest in their education and training systems to make them more relevant to the demands of their rapidly modernizing economies, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) says in a new major report.
A group of specialists of Uzbekistan got acquainted with methodologies on scientific and social research on gender issues at UNDP-backed three-month distance course.
Recently the opening ceremony of the Centre for Women's Social and Legal Support took place in Termez. This Center established by Women's Committee of Uzbekistan with financial and technical assistance from UNFPA, United Nations Population Fund in Uzbekistan, is established under aegis of Women's Committee.


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