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With the world's cities never having been so at risk of disruption by disasters as they are now, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on 13 October underscored the need for wide participation in bolstering the resilience of urban areas to hazards.
The United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon sent a message on the occasion of the International Day for Disaster Reduction.
Uzbek delegation took part in an academic forum held in Japanese city of Nagoya. The event was organized by the Embassy of Uzbekistan in Japan jointly with Fund Forum of Culture and Arts of Uzbekistan and Nagoya University.
With one in three women around the world being beaten, coerced into sex or abused, more must be done to ensure the human rights of women, a member of the United Nations expert body monitoring compliance with the international pact on eliminating discrimination against women said on 12 October.
The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has developed a draft framework for its water operations that calls for sweeping efficiency improvements and greater public-private sector partnerships to address the water crisis in Asia and the Pacific.


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