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The world must do more to save its forests and seas as their rapid destruction is a threat to poor people whose livelihoods depend on the continued existence of fragile ecosystems, said World Bank Group President Robert B. Zoellick.
Countries in Asia and the Pacific are more prone to natural disasters than those in other parts of the world, with people in the region four times more likely to be affected by natural catastrophe than those in Africa and 25 times more vulnerable than Europeans or North Americans, a United Nations report released on 26 October shows.
59th session of the CIS Defense Ministers Council was held on 20 October in the Livadia Palace, Yalta, Ukraine. The session was attended by delegation from Uzbekistan.
An EU delegation headed by EU Special Representative for Central Asia Pierre Morel held talks in the Uzbek Senate, Cabinet of Ministers and the Foreign Ministry during his visit to Tashkent.
In an unprecedented United Nations-supported initiative, people who cannot see and those who have other forms of visual disability will have access to published works through publisher intermediaries who will create accessible formats of publications and share them with specialized libraries.


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