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Donors have pledged a total of $358 million in contributions to the United Nations-managed humanitarian fund created five years ago to ensure rapid and reliable assistance for people affected by conflict and natural disasters.
From shrinking glaciers and forests to the ravages of mining and urban sprawl, the United Nations is using satellites in space to help chart a course for sustainable development on Earth with an ecological map of the world's most biologically diverse region, Latin America and the Caribbean.
The head of the United Nations refugee agency on 14 December urged the international community to come up with ways of responding to the displacement of people as a result of evolving circumstances that did not exist when the organization was founded or when treaties on refugees were created.
The heavy snowfall that recently immobilized cities in Europe is an indication that the world may be ill prepared to cope with unpredictable climate patterns, a senior United Nations said on 13 December, calling for greater efforts to improve readiness to respond to extreme weather events.
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has lauded the global initiatives against the trafficking of human beings, saying the measures are helping liberate those who are exploited and bringing to justice perpetrators of the crime.


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